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 A gunman in North Texas used an explosive device in an attack at two different residencies near Dallas in a revenge rampage that took four lives, a recent report by Reuters explains. The police believe that the attack was a domestic violence situation.

The gunman was hoping to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend. While his name has not yet been revealed, various sources report that the man was a former special education teacher who was angered when his girlfriend broke up with him. The FBI is investigating the situation to get further details, but reports show that the shooting began at a home in Dallas and ended at another home about seven miles away.

The victims have not been identified as of yet. Two boys ages 11 and 13 were also shot and survived. They are now being treated in local hospitals. Two other wounded victims have been injured and unidentified at present. Sources say that the gunman was a special education teacher that resigned on his own accord. He was never terminated from his position. The individual will most likely be charged with assault with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and murder if he is confirmed as the shooter.

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