Jalen Larson Mays was nearby an equipment storage facility when the structure went ablaze. The flames licked the structure and charred the equipment that was stored inside, bringing on thousands of dollars in damages. As Jalen walked away, a witness noticed his nonchalant actions and reported the fire to 911. This observer then targeted Jalen as an arsonist because he did not seem, to be affected by the fire and didn’t intend to call emergency help. The witness told the 911 dispatcher what Mays looked like and explained that there was a possibility that he set the fire.

Yet investigators have contradicted the witness’ suspicions, saying that the fire was a fluke incident that was caused by an open flame that ignited combustibles. They believe that this open flame could have come from anywhere. The fire ruined sports equipment that was used by up to 2,500 kids in community sports in the Houston area. Mays was caught by police after the blaze was put out, and arrested because he had the same description and clothing as the witness had described.

The 19-year-old was charged with arson. He had paint oxidation marks on both shoulders that matched the exterior wall of the structure, and he was carrying a lighter in his pocket. The sports league says that they did not have insurance on the building and are soliciting donations to rebuild and replace the structure and the items that were inside. If you have been charged with arson like Mays, we understand that all evidence may point to you and the situation may seem hopeless. Yet with a trustworthy and accomplished lawyer, you may be able to reduce your charges or lessen your sentence. Without the right evidence, you may be able to get your case thrown out altogether. Hire a lawyer who is respected in the courtroom! Get help from an attorney at the Martinez Law Firm today for legal aid!