HELP! I was Charged with Insurance Fraud


It is illegal to falsify information or lie to an insurance company. In
fact, if you are deceptive towards an insurer, you will not only be confronted
on moral grounds. You may be taken to court and charged with insurance
fraud as a result of your actions. If you are charged with this crime, you will want to hire a Houston criminal defense attorney to help you immediately.

At The Martinez Law Firm, we understand that you may not be guilty of your crime. For example, we may be able to argue that you did not intend to deceive or defraud the insurance company. Maybe you did not have the right information and your crime was completely unintentional. As well, an attorney may be able to argue that the information that you provided to an insurance company is not false after all. Many times miscommunications can come off as lies when there is simply a discrepancy in the language.

A Houston criminal defense attorney could also argue that there was a mistake in the fact. For example, you may have truly thought that a fire in your home started with a defective product and only learned later that the
fire started because you left your stove on when you went out to run errands. There are countless instances where you may be mistaken and you may have provided information to an insurance company that you assumed was true. With so many defenses to employ, it is essential that you make to have a Houston criminal defense lawyer on your side when accused of lying to an insurance company.

If you do not hire a criminal defense attorney to help you and are consequently proven guilty of your crime, then you can be charged with a state jail felony. For example, there have been insurance fraud claims that have come with first-degree felony convictions because of their lies.

People who purposefully falsify information on one of these insurance claims can be sent to prison for up to two years in addition to the other charges. All of this is outlined in the Texas Insurance Fraud Statute in the Penal Code, Title 7 Chapter 35. If you want more information about insurance fraud and how to handle allegations, make sure to contact an attorney at The Martinez Law Firm.

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