Heroin Use on the Rise in Houston

heroin use on the rise in houston - herman martinez defense attorney

Heroin Use on the Rise: Opiate Addictions

Houston officials report that heroin use has tripled over the last year. It is the highest it has been in years in the city. DEA agents say that the drug has become so cheap that more and more people are falling into dangerous addictions. As an opiate, it is extremely addictive in nature and can easily cause death and other dangers for individuals.

As the prices for heroin drop, the number of heroin-related crimes occurring in Houston seems to rise. There have also been increases in ER visits related to heroin. The Class A drug continues to quickly pour into the city from the border of Mexico, making it far more available to individuals.

There have been 50 heroin-related deaths in the area in just the past year. It is reaching people of all ages, genders, and social backgrounds. The availability and lower cost have made it not only easy for young individuals, but also those that would have likely not used such dangerous drugs in the first place. Not only that but law enforcement report that they will be increasing the amount of finances put into controlling drug crimes, meaning that they will be cracking down now more than ever.

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