Houston Death Row Defendant Wins Appeal

A Houston local who has been on death row for 20 years recently won a federal court appeal allowing him to pursue claims that he is mentally impaired and therefore does not qualify for the death penalty. This shocking ruling may have saved the individual’s life. The verdict was decided in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday, September 3rd.

The 50-year-old defendant is a former member of the Mexican mafia who was convicted of his crime in 1992 and has been in a federal prison ever since. He was convicted of murder after stabbing his 70-year-old neighbor 25 times during a home break-in. The defendant was on parole at the time that the crime occurred and had already been serving time for another home break-in where he sexually abused a pregnant woman.

The defendant’s attorneys argued that he deserved a court review because a psychiatrist who was present at his previous trial gave a questionable testimony and was later questioned for his methodology and credibility. If a questionable witness was a part of your trial, and you are now seeking an appeal, then you will want to hire a reliable and hardworking attorney to assist you.

Oftentimes the court will reconsider a sentence if a professional witness is proven to be inaccurate or questionable. At The Martinez Law Firm, Attorney Martinez is a former U.S. Chief Prosecutor. This means that he understands both sides of the law, and also understands what types of witnesses are most effective in a case. He can help you to contact the accurate and trusted witnesses that you need on your case to possibly even win an appeal. Learn more by contacting the firm for a free case evaluation today!