Houston Hitman Scams

hitman scams threaten woman, herman martinez explains and advises

Hitman Scams have been shaking up Houston. A startled woman was shocked when she received a text message to her phone notifying her that she was being watched and that a hitman was paid to kill her. According to the report on KHOU, the woman received an unsettling message on Sunday which essentially said “someone paid me to kill you. I will spare you if you pay me $5,000 in two days.” The victim was told that if she notified the police then she would die. The hitman also warned the victim that she was being monitored. Despite the warning, the victim quickly reported the cryptic text message to the police.

When the woman reported the incident, she was told that she had already received several complaints about similar threatening messages. The FBI has also been getting complaints about texts of this nature. The authorities have determined that this is a “hitman scam” that is taking place at present in the United States. The scammers locate numbers and fabricate hitman situations in order to get money. The messages normally come from foreign numbers and ask the recipient to respond to anonymous e-mails.

The death threat scam can affect individuals in any location. Scammers have resolved to use this tactic because they believe that it can evoke a serious emotional response in the victim and they will get their money as a result. If you want more information about hitman scams, then you need to talk with a lawyer today. If you have been accused of participating in a hitman scam of this nature, you could face serious penalties if convicted. You may be charged with sending death threats as well as participating in a scam. If you need to discuss defense for one of these crimes or something similar, then contact a Houston criminal defense attorney with the Martinez Law Firm today to learn more.