Houston Police Dogs Discover Cigarette Thief

Cigarette Thief - herman martinez criminal defense lawyer

A 23-year-old Houston cigarette thief has been arrested after Houston police dogs discovered the man who has stolen thousands of dollars’ worth of cigarettes in recent months. He stole these cigarettes from a discount store located in Northwest Harris County, and then led police on a 25-mile chase as they pursued him to recover the goods. The suspect has been charged with felony evading and felony theft. The deputies claim that the offender smashed the windows of a dollar store in the middle of the night and stole the cigarettes in addition to some other merchandise.

Deputies were responding to the emergency call about the burglary when the suspect drove by. Police took off, attempting to stop the cigarette thief, but he sped away. With the help of search dogs, the police were able to locate the offender and bring him to justice. While search dogs can be a helpful tool in police work, they can also make mistakes. The animals may detect a scent erroneously, leading to the arrest of an innocent suspect. If you have been arrested for a crime you didn’t commit because of police dog error, then contact a lawyer at the firm today for more information. The Martinez Law Firm has a host of attorneys who are willing to help you with your Houston criminal defense case!