How Does a DWI Affect Car Insurance in Texas?

How Does a DWI Affect Car Insurance in Texas? - criminal defense attorney herman martinez of houston

How Does a DWI Affect Car Insurance in Texas?

As Houston DWI lawyers, our clients often wonder how a DWI affects car insurance rates. It’s important to understand that a DWI conviction guarantees your car insurance premiums will never be as low as they were before your conviction. This is because insurance centers around risk management.
If you are found guilty of driving while intoxicated (DWI), insurance companies label you as “high risk.” Additionally, they can restrict certain coverage as well. A DWI conviction comes with numerous long-term consequences. Worse than increased rates, though, is the potential that an insurance company may cancel your policy once a DWI is on your record.
After conviction, a DWI appears on both your driving record and your criminal record. This tells insurers that you put their policyholders at risk of having to settle a substantial personal injury claim or even a wrongful death suit. Should they decide to cancel the policy of a drunk driver, they view it as a way to protect themselves and their other customers.
That’s why you need an experienced Houston DWI defense attorney to fight for your best interests. When you schedule a free consultation with our legal team, we review your case and help guide you through the process. However, it’s essential that you act fast.

What’s an SR-22?

Today, most states require insurance companies to provide the Division of Motor Vehicles that someone secures vehicle insurance after a conviction. Typically, the procedure is for the company to forward an SR-22 Proof of Insurance Certificate before the DMV revokes a suspension of your driving privileges.
From then on, if the policy lapses or is canceled by any means, the state is notified, and you will be legally unable to drive until you once again secure an insurance policy. However, it is important to understand the SR-22 itself is not an insurance product. This certificate simply indicates financial responsibility, and the actual requirements differ from state to state.

Lower Your Premiums with Proactive Work

A convicted drunk driver can take certain actions in order to lessen the financial burden of their insurance premiums. After a DWI conviction, it’s vital to maintain a clean driving record. This includes any minor infractions, such as speeding. However, it is crucial that you do not drink and drive again because it only exacerbates your legal and insurance issues.
One thing you can do is enroll in a safe-driving course and forward the information to your insurance company after you complete the class. Another way to combat these costs is to work towards improving your credit score by paying bills on time and working to lower your debt. These actions can have a positive impact on your premiums.

Work with a DWI Lawyer to Save Your Car Insurance

A DWI conviction is not the end of the world, but it drastically alters your life. Outside of higher auto insurance premiums, you face fines and potential jail time. With a DWI on your record, it can also make finding work or a place to live far more difficult. Positive steps help, but the most positive thing you can do after a DWI arrest is to call on a Houston DWI lawyer.
With the right DWI defense team on your side, you have advocates to pursue your best interests. At The Martinez Law Firm, we have decades of experience helping individuals reduce or even dismiss DWI charges. Results vary from case to case, but our team understands the process inside and out. Call now to schedule a free consultation. Let us show you how to fight for your future.