I Have Been Accused of Violating My Probation: What’s Next?

Violating my Probation is considered to be an act determined by the court in which an individual accused of a crime receives a level of punishment while not being sent to jail or prison. Probation also may be the period after which an individual is released from prison, and the authorities are still close monitoring them. There is accountability with the government by which the person agrees that they will not violate the probation or they will face greater consequences for their actions.

The court allows the person to be under supervision while still maintaining
a certain level of freedom depending on the charges. When under probation, there is no room for mistakes, and if caught in any violation it is likely that the individual will face even harsher punishments. In the event that a person violates their probation or parole, they are in severe danger
and need to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. While
the consequences may be more severe, every person maintains the right
to have a hearing to defend their case; because of that, a lawyer is of
great importance to make sure that the case is properly handled.

At this time, a Houston criminal defense attorney will do one of two things: either file an adjunction or file a motion to revoke. These two different titles are based on the type of probation a person is under, though they both have the same end goal of having the probation revoked. Have you been accused of violating your parole or probation in any way?

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