Salvia Divinorum Added to the Texas Controlled Substance Act

salvia added to controlled substance list in texas, criminal defense lawyer herman martinez reports

Salvia Divinorum is a plant that is also called Diviner’s Safe and Seer’s Safe. It is a plant which can induce dissociative effects and can cause visions or other hallucinatory experiences. The plant grows in Oaxaca, Mexico or in other sandy and moist locations. It can be over one meter high.

In most countries, this plant is legal for recreational use. This is partially because it is not very common and it is not typically used as a hallucinogenic. In some cases, it can induce a visionary state of consciousness and some religious groups use the plant during spiritual healing sessions. Most of the plants local names infer that the plant is an incarnation of the Virgin Mary.

Salvia Divinorum is not illegal according to the federal law, but some states have banned the substance on their own level. The Salvia divinorum is currently illegal in Texas and is considered a violation in penalty group 3. The Texas laws say that all parts of this plant, including the seeds, and the extracts, are illegal.

The only time that the plant is legal is if it is unharvested and growing in its natural state. This protects some homeowners in Texas who may have the plant growing in their backyard but never planted it and don’t intend to use it for hallucinogenic purposes. If you have been accused of using this drug for recreational purposes, then you are going to want a Houston criminal defense attorney on your side to represent you in your case.

With the right Houston criminal defense attorney there to assist you, you may be able to get the case result that you need and avoid conviction. Because this drug is not heavily prosecuted, you may be able to strike a plea bargain or avoid prosecution. Hire the firm today to learn more!