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Steroid use is probably more common than you think. Many men and women choose to take steroids so that they can bulk up their muscles and have the fit body that they have always wanted. Unfortunately, anabolic steroids are illegal under the Texas Controlled Substances Act, meaning that those in possession of these drugs can be arrested or fined. If a person knowingly possesses these steroids, law enforcement will charge the offender with a Class A misdemeanor for any amount less than 28 grams. Those who have more than 28 grams of anabolic steroids may be charged with a third degree felony. This means that the possession crime will go on the offender’s record at conviction and may affect that person’s reputation or ability to get a job in the future.

Anyone who has over 200 grams of anabolic steroids can be charged with a second degree felony, which comes with serious penalties including jail. People who possess over 400 grams of anabolic steroids can be imprisoned from five years to life. The amounts are counted in units, and one pull, capsule or tablet is conserved one unit. 0.5 grams of liquid also counts as one unit of steroids.

In most states, the state and federal laws prohibit the use of anabolic steroids and Texas is no exception. This means that people can be prosecuted in both federal and state courts for this crime. Most of the time, the agency that made the arrest will determine whether you will be tried in federal or state court. On the federal level, possession of any schedule III substance including anabolic steroids can be punished by one year in prison and a minimum of $1,000 in fines.

A second offense at the federal level can lead to a mandatory imprisonment minimum of 15 days with a maximum of two years and a minimum fine of $2,500. The third offense is a mandatory 90 days in jail with up to three years and a minimum of $5,000 for possession of almost any amount of steroids. If you want more information about anabolic steroid abuse and offenses, or if you have been charged with steroid possession and want defense in court, a Houston criminal defense attorney at The Martinez Law Firm can be of use to you. Contact a lawyer at the firm today for more information.