Texas and the Primary Belt Law

seat belt laws in texas, explained by criminal defense attorney herman martinez

In some states, individuals cannot be punished for failing to put on a seat belt. Yet this is not true in every situation. In some states, individuals can be fined for failing to buckle up when they get on the road. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says that there is some sort of mandatory seat belt law in every single state except for New Hampshire. Yet only 28 states permit police officers to find a person for failing to buckle up in the back seat.

Belt laws in 33 states and the District of Columbia are called primary seat belt laws. This means that a police officer is permitted to pull a driver over solely based on the fact that that individual is not wearing a seat belt. In other jurisdictions, the police need to stop the vehicle for another reason, such as speeding or an expired license, before they can discuss the issue of the seat belt and impose a fine.

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