Texas Crimes: Bribery

Bribery explained by houston criminal defense attorney herman martinez

According to the Texas Penal Code, bribery is the offense of intentionally and knowingly offering a person money or collateral for an illegal action; Individuals can be charged with this if they offer, confer, or agree to confer on another for a recipient’s decision about a situation, vote, or another exercise of discretion as a public servant or party official.

Bribery also applies to people who offer benefits to a person for their decision in a judicial or administrative proceeding, such as in a court case. For example, if an individual was charged with a crime, and bribed a judge to have him declare the defendant not guilty, this would be considered the crime of bribery. Also, if a person offers benefits for a political contribution, this can be considered bribery.

All bribery offenses are typically considered second-degree felonies. This also applies to tampering with witnesses in court cases, and to encouraging individuals to lie about the situations surrounding a case. Oftentimes those who commit the crime of bribery do not intend to commit a serious crime. Instead, they may be caught up in working to secure their innocence in a court case, or may be concerned about their welfare and will ask individuals to do them a favor for a reward.

It is best to remember that bribery is a serious crime and to avoid it at all costs. Talk to an attorney today if you want to learn more about bribery or if you need defense in a bribery case. You may be able to claim that you were misrepresented, or that you have been framed and did not intend to bribe anyone. Also, if you can prove that you were misinterpreted, and that in the conversation that allegedly took place you did not actually bribe the individual, then this may help in your case. Talk to a lawyer at The Martinez Law Firm for more information.