Texas Driving Laws in Effect in September

Texas Driving Laws - Houston Defense attorney Herman Martinez

Texans Driving Laws are changing! Texans will want to be extra-cautious on the roads these days after the Texas legislature passed a variety of new driving laws. These laws include stiffer penalties for motorists who don’t change lanes for Texas Department of Transportation workers that are working out on the roads. These workers are often hit by speeding drivers that fail to move away from the lane where the individuals are working.

This has resulted in many tragic fatalities for on-the-job workers. Now, when individuals fail to change lanes to avoid the workers in compliance with the Texas driving laws, they can be dined with heavier expenses. According to research, in the past ten years seven workers have died after they were hit by drivers.

Those who were originally charged with failing to move over and slow down could be punished with a misdemeanor resulting in a $200 to $500 fine. Now, the individuals can be charged with a Class B misdemeanor that is punishable by up to six months in prison. If the violation results in bodily damage then the full sentence may be imposed on the individual who violated the law.

Also, individuals who pass stopped school buses when the buses are picking up students for school can also be fined with heavier expenses. In the past, an individual who passed a stopped school bus could be dined between $200 and $1,000. Now, the new law increases those fines to range from $500 in the least to up to $1,250 at the most.

It is also illegal for individuals to use cell phones while driving near schools, and they can be fined with stiffer penalties as a result of the new driving laws. If you have been arrested for a traffic infraction of this nature then you need to contact a Houston criminal defense attorney today to learn more!