Texas Law May Enhance Protection For Homosexual Teenagers

Texas lawmakers make put into effect laws to protect homosexual teenagers. Under current laws, sexual contact with minors that are under the age of 17 is considered a crime of indecency in Texas. A caveat in this law allows teenage couples to avoid prosecution if they are in a consensual relationship and are both over the age of 14 and within three years of age of each other. Still, this law specifically states that this law is only available
to couples of the opposite sex. For example, if a 17-year-old and a 21
year-old of opposite sexes engage in a consensual amorous relationship,
then neither party can be prosecuted in connection with the crime.

If the same situation were to happen but between two homosexuals, current law would not allow for both parties to avoid prosecution. That is why a new law has been proposed. This new law would make it possible for homosexual teenagers and others to have the same protections as their heterosexual peers. The bill is currently going through the state legislature and claims that Texas should revise its definition of indecency with a minor to remove any implications that the law only has to do with heterosexual couples. In many states, sex offender relationships that are consensual and between those that are close in age have been treated with leniency.

Texas is one of the only states that distinguish that both partners in
one of these situations must be of the opposite sex in order for a consensual relationship to take place. This intriguing discussion on gay rights could affect some criminal law cases, so if you have been accused of sexual indecency with a minor, then make sure to mention this pending legislation to your attorney. Hire a Houston criminal defense lawyer at The Martinez Law Firm to assist you if you need help with your sex crime allegations today!