Thanksgiving DWI: Don’t Ruin Your Holiday

Thanksgiving drinking and DWI's

Avoid a Thanksgiving DWI Arrest

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the holiday season is in full swing. While they look a little different this year, many people decide to take calculated risks to see their loved ones. Whether you plan to drive out to see your in-laws or stop by a friend’s house for Friendsgiving, be careful of Thanksgiving DWIs. 

As experienced Houston DWI lawyers, we see these instances peak every year around the holiday season. Many don’t consider Thanksgiving to be a day of heavy drinking. However, law enforcement agencies often think of Thanksgiving as one of the busiest when it comes to DWI arrests.

A quick note:

If you gather with your family this holiday season, we hope you take full advantage of the free drive-through COVID testing locations around Houston. Before you put anyone at risk, a quick test can ensure you have a much safer Thanksgiving. Results take up to 72 hours but often come back as quickly as the next day. 

Holiday Season and Thanksgiving DWI’s

Frequently, the holiday season comes with an increase in checkpoints across Harris County. Police stop cars to check the driver’s condition in hopes of preventing severe car accidents. Per this information from Scram Systems, over 800 people died in drunk driving accidents in the mid-2010s during the Thanksgiving holiday period. 

As with most holidays, alcohol tends to be a significant part of seasonal celebrations. After all, there’s a reason people refer to Thanksgiving Eve as Blackout Wednesday. Law enforcement officials know this and often plan extra measures to keep the roads safe. 

Every year people plan extensive road trips or even short trips across town to see their loved ones. Hopefully, this year sees fewer people on the road. However, it is essential not to let drunk driving squash the holiday spirit. 

However, a Thanksgiving DWI arrest is not always handled unlawfully. That’s why you need an advocate on your side. Call our legal team to schedule a free case evaluation today.

Thanksgiving DWI Arrest? Call on Our DWI Defense Attorneys

Our experienced Houston DWI lawyers will help you stand up for your rights at The Martinez Law Firm. While the best way to avoid a Thanksgiving DWI is not to drink and drive, people find themselves in these situations. Remember that even though Texas is strict with DWI cases, you have options. 

Our DWI defense attorneys understand how to evaluate the evidence. We can help you fight for the best possible outcome for your case, working to reduce or dismiss charges. Have a safe holiday season, and call on The Martinez Law Firm whenever you require an advocate.