One of the many changes high schools have made since I attended school
is the number of children that are prescribed drugs to treat different conditions. Most of the drugs that the kids are prescribed
today are illegal without a prescription. In fact, a drug that would normally
be a misdemeanor if possessed by a person is enhanced or “bumped
up” to a felony charge if they are found to be in possession of prescription drugs in a “drug-free zone” as a school. I wonder how a parent would
feel if their child was charged with a felony for buying medication from
another student at school who has obtained the medication legally? To
make matters worse, the student that sold the drugs is unlikely to be
charged with the crime.

One other thing to keep in mind is that a child that is 17 years of age
in Houston, Harris County, Texas is considered to be an adult. Thus,
a child would be arrested, if in illegal possession of prescription drugs, along with serious offenders which would be a scary situation for the child and their parents. If you have additional questions, The Martinez Law Firm is here to help.