The Financial Costs of a DWI in Houston

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The Financial Costs of a DWI

Oftentimes, we don’t focus on the financial costs of a DWI in Houston. When you face a conviction for driving while intoxicated (DW), we tend to focus on the now. It’s important to act quickly and work with a skilled DWI lawyer to protect your rights. 

However, one of the reasons quick action is essential is the harm of a conviction. When the court convicts someone of a DWI, the harm extends beyond the legal penalties. With a DWI on your record, you have a hard time finding or keeping a job. 

Still, there are other ways a DWI conviction takes money out of your pockets. Some are more direct than others. However, they all share in their impact. When you face a conviction for drunk driving, call on the legal team at The Martinez Law Firm. 

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Auto Insurance

It’s no surprise that car insurance expenses increase following a DWI conviction. With a DWI on your record, you might find it more difficult to find the following. 

  • Affordable insurance costs 
  • The same level of coverage you had before 
  • A reputable insurance provider willing to cover you

Even when the arrest doesn’t involve a drunk driving accident, insurance companies view you as a high-risk client. After a conviction, insurance providers perceive people as someone with poor judgment who might put others at risk. 

Because your provider is responsible for proper damages or any personal injury expenses you cause as a negligent driver, they want to minimize their risks. In DWI accidents, the drunk driver is almost always liable. 

Following a conviction, it often takes years of safe driving for insurance providers to trust you as a client again. 

Credit Scores

One of the less direct financial costs of a DWI is the impact on your credit score. While your conviction does not appear on a credit report, it often puts you in debt. In Texas, the state takes DWI cases very seriously, and they come with severe fines. 

From charges to convictions, it’s easy to accrue expenses. 

  • Legal fees throughout your case 
  • Posting bail after your arrest 
  • Fines issued after a conviction 
  • Damages owed in personal injury lawsuits 
  • Fees for mandatory alcohol education courses
  • The cost of an interlock device (which is a monthly rental)
  • Fees from reinstating your driver’s license

For a first-time DWI convocation, it’s easy for the total expense to exceed $10,000. If you have trouble finding a job after your conviction, it’s difficult to cover these costs. 


As we process the financial costs of a DWI conviction, it’s important to look to the future. When you have a conviction on your record, it has the potential to discourage lenders. Similar to insurance providers, they view you as a high-risk client. 

The concern stems from your ability to repay a major loan. If your conviction impacts your earning capacity, this is especially true. 

Luckily, the lender likely won’t know about your conviction unless you choose to disclose it. When it comes to loans, background checks extend to your credit report and history, not your criminal history. 

This means they might see the financial costs of a DWI on your credit report, but they won’t know what happened. In the event they learn about your drunk driving conviction, though, they tend to consider the risk of a future conviction in their decision. 

The Financial Costs of a DWI Conviction: Fight for Your Future

With a DWI conviction on your record, it impacts you in more ways than you realize. As lawyers, we understand the extent to which a conviction changes someone’s life. When you want to protect your future, it’s essential to act quickly. 

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