The Value of Having an Attorney for a DWI Charge

should i get an attorney for my DWI?

It is always to your benefit to hire a DWI attorney to handle your case. Someone who has a background in the court system understands how plea bargains work, and is able to weed through the complicated administrative procedures is a must-have if you are planning to fight your charges or seek a plea deal. While you are not legally obligated to hire an attorney for a DWI charge, you have a much better chance of obtaining a positive result for your case when you have one.

Even if you wish to plead guilty and are fairly certain of a conviction, a DWI lawyer can offer you the benefit of their experience and advise you along the way. An attorney may be able to offer a viable plea bargain in such a case.

What a Lawyer Can Offer

Your attorney may also be able to push for sentence bargaining which can be very useful when you are faced with jail time. In such a case you would be able to know what your sentence would be before you decide how to plead.

If you believe you were arrested in error and were either not intoxicated or police acted inappropriately, you most certainly need a DWI lawyer who understands how a DWI arrest should function, including the stop, field sobriety, and chemical test procedures. A DWI lawyer will know when a mistake was made in your arrest and can exploit such as a mistake. In this case, you can probably get your case dropped since the police acted improperly.

In addition to fighting your charges, a DWI attorney can help you regain your driver’s license which was likely taken from you once arrested. You will need to schedule and win an administrative hearing to contest your license’s revocation and a DWI attorney can stand beside you and advise you for both.

Having a DWI attorney is worth the cost of retaining one. When your future is on the line, an experienced DWI lawyer from Herman Martinez could make all the difference for you.