Houston DWI Lawyer Tips: Know When You’re Too Drunk to Drive

know when you're too drunk to drive

Helpful Hints to Let You Know You’re Too Drunk to Drive

As Houston DWI Lawyers, we know how easy it can be to slip up. Maybe you meet with your friends to grab a drink, and it turns into a few more throughout the course of the evening. Know when you’re too drunk to drive to make that decision. Should you get in your car to drive home, or it better to call an Uber and play it safe?

If you have to ask yourself “Am I too drunk to drive,” it’s probably best to open that ride-sharing app. Frankly, this is the easiest way to know when you’re too drunk to drive. If you think you might be, you probably are. However, when you need a little reassurance, we’ve gathered a few tips to help prevent you from drunk driving.

Understanding Your Limits

Any responsible adult should know their limits when it comes to drinking. With today’s plethora of alternative transportation options, it’s easy to have a back up plan, even on the fly. When you drink, it’s easy for the impaired mind to rationalize, though. You convince yourself that you’re okay to drive. In reality, you might not be.

When you understand your limits ahead of time, you can avoid going over your limits. More importantly, you can avoid DWI charges and the severe toll they have on your personal and professional life.

1 Hour = 1 Drink

On average, the body processes about one alcoholic drink per hour. However, this doesn’t mean that you can take down those 5 drinks in a single hour and wait around 5 hours before you get behind the wheel.

Instead, it’s important to pace yourself, using your best judgment. Remember that this differs based on your body. Smaller-than-average people, for example, might need more time for their body to process each drink.

Calculating Your BAC

Your BAC is your breath/blood alcohol content. Your body weight is a major factor when it comes to long it takes you to process alcohol. There are some sophisticated apps and calculators that help you consider the following factors in order to estimate your BAC.

  • Time
  • Number of drinks
  • Types of drinks
  • Weight

In Texas, the legal limit for your BAC is 0.08. When you approach this level, it’s important to find a safer ride. When you surpass this level, you risk Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges in addition to putting your fellow Houstonians at risk on the road. Meaning you’re too drunk to drive. Should you find yourself facing DWI charges, contact our Houston DWI lawyers immediately.

Your Houston DWI Lawyer

When you face a DWI conviction, it’s important to have an experienced Houston DWI defense attorney on your side. At The Martinez Law Firm, we advocate for our clients’ best interests to help them avoid the severe consequences of a DWI in Texas.

If you’ve been arrested for a DWI, it’s important to act fast. Call our legal team today to schedule a free consultation.