Why You Should Avoid DWI in Houston


Why should you avoid DWI in Houston? There are plenty of reasons not to drink and drive. Drunk driving puts every aspect of your life at risk, from your freedom to your personal relationships. 

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges leave you vulnerable to legal, financial, and even health consequences. Still, those are just a few of the ways that a DWI changes your life. 

There are plenty of reasons to avoid drinking and driving. Let’s explore just a few of them. 

Criminal Charges

In Texas, the state takes drunk driving charges very seriously. As such, the consequences are quite severe. 

  • Fines. When the court convicts you of a DWI, you face fines ranging from $500 to $2,000. Oftentimes, states also take other factors into consideration that increase these fines. 
  • Imprisonment. A DWI is a misdemeanor in Texas. This means offenders face anywhere from 6 months to a year of jail time. In some states, there’s even a minimum sentence for a first-time DWI. When drunk driving causes an accident, it increases the amount of jail time you face. 
  • License Suspension. A DWI comes with the potential to lose your license. These last anywhere from 6 months to three years. When the state revokes a license, there’s no option to restore it. 
  • Other Consequences. Offenders also face community service, seminars, and rehabilitation. Often, first-time offenders receive alternative sentencing like this. Moreover, some judges combine these with other consequences. 

When you don’t avoid DWI in Houston, you need the help of a Houston DWI lawyer. The consequences of a conviction stretch out into other aspects of your life. For instance, the charges have the potential to impact your work and the life of your family. 

If you lose your license, it also makes your life more challenging as you require expensive rideshare or public transportation to get around. With decades of experience, our DWI defense firm knows how to pursue the best possible outcome of your case. 

When you need representation, contact a DWI defense lawyer Houston trusts. 

Making the Roads More Dangerous for Yourself and Others

Even a single alcoholic drink has an impact on your perception and response time behind the wheel. When you want to avoid DWI in Houston, it’s best to have a designated driver or avoid drinking for the night. In doing so, you keep everyone in your vehicle safe. 

Moreover, you set a better example for passengers, especially with children around. If you drink and don’t have a ride, it’s better to use a rideshare service or call a cab. No matter what, your best option is to avoid putting yourself and others at risk.

Reasons to avoid DWI in Houston: Unnecessary Risks 

Oftentimes, drivers underestimate the risk of drunk driving. Additionally, they tend to overestimate their capabilities. Over the years, you’ve probably met someone who claims to drive better when they’re drunk. 

That simply isn’t true. When you drive while intoxicated, the alcohol has a direct impact on your ability. While the impact varies from person to person, there are a few common examples we all know about intoxication.

  • Poor Judgment. Even a small level of alcohol impacts your decision-making abilities. Moreover, it tends to encourage impulsive behavior that is dangerous behind the wheel. 
  • Reduced Response Time. When you avoid DWI in Houston, you avoid an impact to your hand-eye coordination that makes it harder for you to process a situation and respond to it. 
  • Visual Issues. Alcohol has the potential to alter your perception. This makes it more difficult to monitor your blind spots and spot hazards on the road. 

While you may feel that you can drive safely while drunk, it doesn’t mean the alcohol has no effect on you. Avoid unnecessary risk and stay off the road. 

Personal Consequences

Drunk driving puts you at risk. However, it also puts everyone else at risk as well. When you cause an accident, you could cause serious harm to yourself and others. 

Moreover, drunk driving accidents tend to result in significant medical expenses as well as long-term rehabilitation for injuries. 

When you avoid DWI in Houston, you avoid the following. 

  • Employment Issues. With a DWI on your criminal record, you hurt your chances of finding a new job. If you have a job, you even put yourself at risk of losing it. Too often, presence in court requires people to miss work, which reflects poorly on them. 
  • Financial Issues. After a DWI accident, insurance providers might deny claims. Additionally, it often makes you liable for the damage you cause to other drivers. Typically, this results in severe legal and financial consequences. 
  • Health Issues. Alcohol leads to short-term intoxication, of course. However, it also has the potential to lead to long-term health problems, such as liver disease or kidney disease. Moreover, dependence can cause depression or anxiety. 

If You Don’t Avoid DWI in Houston, You Need a Houston DWI Lawyer

There’s never a good reason to risk the consequences of a DWI in Houston. Even when you avoid accidents, an arrest has dire consequences. From your career prospects to your personal relationships, a DWI conviction changes your life. 

If you face DWI charges, you need a Houston DWI defense lawyer to help you explore your options. At The Martinez Law Firm, we have decades of experience helping Houstonians protect their futures. With our legal team, you have advocates who always work to attain the best results possible in your case. 

When you face a DWI charge, it’s important to act fast. Schedule a free consultation with our team. Call us today!