Woman Accused of Hair Extension Theft

Woman Accused of Hair Extension Theft - herman martinez - criminal defense lawyer explains

Hair extension theft is an unusual charge that a few women were recently charged with in Houston. People can steal virtually anything and be arrested for theft crimes. Recently, four women were captured on camera stealing an unlikely target: hair extensions. The women tried to use social media websites to sell the stolen products and were arrested as a result. The offense was captured on a surveillance camera on September 16th at a shop called Mr. Indian Hair. The shop’s owner says that he was probably the victim of the hair extension theft because they are extremely high in demand due to the desire for thick, volumized hair.

The human hair extensions sold at the shop cost between $150-$200 and the average woman purchases three separate pieces in order to add to her full head of hair. The surveillance video shows the four women walking into the store and talking with the one clerk inside. The women asked the employee about a piece of hair that was only stored in the back and the clerk went back into storage to get the piece. At this time, the women grabbed several hangers of hair and a fourth woman ran out to get the getaway car ready.

The store owner says that the women stole about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of hair from the store. He couldn’t identify the thieves using the surveillance video, but there was a break in the case when some individuals informed the man that his products were being sold on the street and vie an Instagram shop.

This tip helped the police identify the four suspects right away. All of them face a felony theft charge for their crime. If you have been arrested for shoplifting theft, then talk to a Houston criminal defense attorney today to learn more. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to seek defense in your case and possibly avoid serious charges.